Songs2See Game: Learn to play by playing

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Learn any of the supported instruments: It's your choice!

With the Songs2See Game you can learn guitar, piano, saxophone, recorder flute, bass, clarinet, trumpet, ukulele, violin, viola or you can even train your voice. No special hardware is required - a normal computer microphone is enough. Play with real instruments instead of game controllers! Fingerings are shown for each instrument so you can easily see how to play notes correctly. And the best part: fingerings will be automatically generated!  

Songbook: Choose a song you like

The full version of the Songs2See Game includes more than 60 songs to practice. You can find the list of all included songs here. The songbook can be expanded with your favorite songs using the Songs2See Editor to extract music notation from any audio file. 

Dynamic score sheet: A new way to display music notation

The Songs2See Game displays music information in a completely new way. This will make it easier for you to learn your instrument and to improve your music reading skills. Classical notation elements like the staff, notes, clefs, positions of the notes in the staff are used, as well as length bars for timing information and optional note names to make it easier for beginners to start playing. The classical score sheet is also included as an alternative view.

Our algorithms compare the original notation of the song with your performance. All the notes you play will also be displayed in real-time for reference. Notation will be automatically transposed for every instrument.

Play at your own tempo in any key: Time stretching feature to slow down songs

If a song is too fast for you to play, you can use the time stretching functionality in the Songs2See Game to slow it down. Choose the tempo you feel comfortable with and improve your skills by slowly reaching the real tempo of the song. Appart from that the key of any song can be changed in an instant to play it in the key you want.

Learning mode: Learn a song step by step

With the Songs2See Game you can learn each song step by step. In the learning mode, the game is halted until you play the correct note. This allows you to concentrate on difficult segments and move at your own speed.

Tablature: Optional display of tablatures for guitar and bass

Guitar, bass, ukulele and violin players have the possibility to display tablatures instead of music notation. All tablatures are automatically generated so you do not need to worry about creating them for each song. Whether you feel more comfortable with tablatures or scores, both options are now available for you.

Rating system: Can you beat the high score?

The Songs2See Game rewards you with points for each note that you play correctly. In this way, you get immediate feedback on your performance and an idea of the longtime progression of the game. You can also compete with your friends and find out who can get the highest score!

Detailed feedback: Review your performance

Do you want more detailed feedback of your performance? Use the results section to find out which part of the song needs more practice. Check the number of correct and missed notes throughout the progress of the song and compare yourself to others with the online highscore system.

Audio Mixer: Hear only what you want to hear

 Do you want to play with the accompaniment while the original solo instrument is muted? With the audio mixer you can change the volume of the different tracks to your personal taste.


Songs included in the Songs2See Game:

  • Canon - Pachelbel
  • William Tell Overture - Giacomo Rossini
  • Habanera. Carmen - Georges Bizet
  • Promenade. Pictures of an Exhibition - Modest Mussorgsky
  • Largo. New World Symphony - Antonin Dvorak
  • Radetzky March - Johann Strauss
  • Nessum Dorma. Turandot - Giacomo Puccini
  • Hungarian Dance - Johannes Brahms
  • The Moldau - Bedrich Smetana
  • The Queen of the night Aria. The Magic Flute - Mozart
  • Blue Danube - Johann Strauss
  • Für Elise - Beethoven
  • Wedding March - Felix Mendelssohn
  • Ave Maria - Franz Schubert
  • The Flower Waltz. The Nutcracker - Tchaikovsky
  • German Anthem - Joseph Haydn
  • Largo. Winter - Antonio Vivaldi
  • Allegro. Spring- Antonio Vivaldi
  • Waltz Op.39 Nr.15 -  Johannes Brahms
  • In the Hall of the Mountainking - Edvard Grieg
  • Ode to the Joy - Beethoven
  • Amazing Grace - Traditional
  • Scarborough Fair - Traditional
  • Frere Jaques - Traditional
  • Alle meine Entchen - Traditional
  • Fröhliche Weihnacht - Traditional
  • We Wish You a Merry Chistmas - Traditional
  • Jingle Bells - Traditional
  • Es ist ein Ros entsprungen - Michael Praetorius
  • Ihr Kinderlein kommet - Johann Abraham Peter Schulz
  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing - Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
  • Silent Night - Franz Xaver Gruber
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Air on the G String
  • Georg Friedrich Händel - Sarabande
  • Traditional - Korobeiniki (Tetris Theme)
  • John Francis Wade - O Come All Ye Faithful
  • Georg Friedrich Händel - Thine is the Glory
  • Matvei Blanter - Katyusha
  • Christmas Medley (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Trumpet, Clarinet)
  • Marc Antoine Charpentier - Prelude de Te Deum (Trumpet)
  • Ludwig van Beethoven - For Elise (Violin)
  • Tomaso Albinoni - Adagio (Violin)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Minuet (Violin)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Badinerie 
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully - Turkish March (Violin)
  • Georges Bizet - Toreador - Carmen (Violin)
  • Scott Joplin - The Entertainer (Clarinet)
  • Nicolo Paganini - Cantabile (Violin)
  • Sergej Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights (Violin)
  • Giovanni Battista Pergolesi - Stabat Mater Dolorosa (Violins, Viola, Bass)
  • Gustav Holst - Jupiter (Violin)
  • Edward Elgar - Nimrod (Viola)
  • Henry Purcell - Shepherd, leave decoying (Recorder Flute)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Minuet (Violin)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Violin Concerto in A minor (Violin)
  • Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin - Prince Igor (Saxophone)
  • Erik Satie - Gymnopédies (Clarinet, Viola)
  • Traditional - La Cucaracha 
  • Traditional - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (Violin)
  • Gustav Holst - Jupiter (Violin)
  • Edward Elgar - Nimrod (Viola)
  • Henry Purcell - Shepherd, leave decoying (Recorder Flute)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Minuet (Violin)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Violin Concerto in A minor (Violin)
  • Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin - Prince Igor (Saxophone)
  • Erik Satie - Gymnopédies (Clarinet, Viola)
  • 9 exclusive songs of different genres by Songquito
  • 5 songs by rockband Venus in Furs
  • plus a lot of scale exercises for all instruments