Songs2See Editor: Turn your favorite songs into music scores

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Editor: Extensive editing possibilities

 The Songs2See Editor automatically extracts the main melody (monophonic), bass and chords of your favorite songs and turns them into music notation. You can import whole songs as well as segments of it. You can easily edit and modify all the extracted notes to fit your needs. Results can be exported as MIDI or MusicXML files or used directly in the Songs2See Game.


Integrated score sheet viewer: Instant score sheet

The Songs2See Editor allows you to directly print the score sheet that you created. This way, you can take your scores to rehearsals or music lessons. You don't need any additional software, with the help of the integrated score sheet viewer you're just a few clicks away from you own score sheet.



Beat Grid: Change the rhythm

The Songs2See Editor also analyses the rhythm of your song. The Beat Grid can be edited in several ways to make it fit your song perfectly.

MIDI, GuitarPro or MusicXML Import and Export: Use your content in any way you want

You can also load MIDI, GuitarPro or MusicXML files into the Songs2See Editor and use all the editing possibilities with these files. The results can also be used in the Songs2See Game or exported once again as MIDI or MusicXML.

Backing and solo tracks from any song: Just with one click

 The Songs2See Editor generates backing and solo audio files from any imported song. Use these files in your Karaoke evenings or in your practice time as a virtual backing bands.