Songs2See Game and Songs2See Editor updated to v1.40

With the most recent, free update you'll get some nice new features:

 Songs2See Game

  • A countdown in musically meaningful beats (count in) 
  • A customizable instrument, which allows you to select the clef and score sheet transposition (not the music!) required for your instrument (even if it's not yet supported by Songs2See) 
  • Selectable segments inside a song are now tied to bar beginnings 
  • Note heads in the classical score sheet view are colored according to player's performance (see screenshot below)

Songs2See Editor

  • Correct backing & solo tracks used after import of *.s2p files (useful if you want to mod the included songs of Songs2See Game) 
  • Nicer tones for the piano synthesizer (used for Songs2See Game files) 
  • Tablature viewer that allows to preview, print or save tabs for guitar, bass and ukulele (see screenshot below)