New Songs2See update available

The last couple of weeks have been very quiet in our Homepage because we have been working hard on new features that are now available free of charge for our users.

The following features are now available:

Songs2See Game

  • Added new songs:
    • Johann Sebastian Bach - Air on the G String
    • Georg Friedrich Händel - Sarabande
    • Traditional - Korobeiniki (Tetris Theme)
  • Language can be switched to Spanish
  • Chosen instrument, song & selected view saved after game exit
  • Difficulty of delivered songs displayed

Songs2See Editor

  • Spanish added to supported languages
  • Audio input selectable in record audio dialog
  • Fixed errors on import of some GuitarPro files
  • Added support for WAV-files in 32Bit format
  • Added tool and shortcut to shift notes along the beat grid

The update is free of charge for all our users. Just follow the update instructions next time you open Songs2See. We hope you enjoy all the new features and songs!