Songs2See Editor update to version 1.61

We just released our latest update to the Songs2See Editor which mostly fixes some minor bugs and improves general stability. To update the Editor just follow the instructions after starting the program.

Merry Christmas

We wish all of our users a merry christmas and a happy new year. Keep on playing! ♫♪♫♪

Play any song in any key

With our newest free update of the Songs2See Game we added the functionality to play any song in any key in an instant. Furthermore we added a lot of new songs to the songbook. Have fun playing!

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Coming soon: play every song in every key

We are currently working on our next update which will allow you to play any song in any key - just change it directly in the Game. We can't wait to you show this new cool feature!

Songs2See at JOSEPHS in Nuremberg

If you happen to come to Nuremberg, Germany these days, make sure to visit JOSEPHS, the Service Manufactury. There, you can test Songs2See with guitar, keyboard, recorder flute and voice. You can also leave your feedback and suggestions for future Songs2See updates. The JOSEPHS is located at the junction of Karl-Grillenberger-Str. 3/Hintere Ledergasse 44.

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